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By Sai Kovvuri
#1224 Hello ,

If we have an entity class A and it has a property of type entity class B. On the DTO back out to view, how do we provide capability to sort on non-key fields of class B. By default, sorting/flitering works if the user sorts/filter on a column that exists on entity A, but not on entity class B.

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By hikalkan
#1226 Hi,

This is actually not related to ABP. So, you may find better answers on Stackoverflow.
Have you tried to create a LINQ with join and order by ?
By Sai Kovvuri
#1267 Thanks . I figured it out

if class B looks like
public class B
public string Name {get; set;}

public class A
public B B1 {get; set;}

set ISortedResultRequest.Sorting = "B1.Name ASC" , thebackend is able to add that to the query