Questions and discussions on ASP.NET Zero before purchase.
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By dparizek
#10636 Hi All:

So this topic partially covers why ASP.NET Zero (ANZ) and what Zero gives you over the open source projects ABP & Module Zero:


However, I am trying to convince my group at work to adopt ANZ and my boss has tasked me to come up with an explicit, detailed list of what you get by paying for ANZ over what you get if you just use the open source ABP & Module Zero.

I ask for your help in completing this list for all of our reference. Thanks!

ASP.NET Zero Value Adds List

1. premium forum support
2. front end application and presentation functionality - that specifically includes what ??
I see:
    - navigation system that makes it easy to add menu items and routes to main navigation menu
    - easily add additional menus
    - shortcuts for creating Angular services
    - metronic theme - "ASP.NET Zero uses Metronic as UI theme. Metronic is one the World's most popular, strong and rich UI theme, probably the first one. That's why we have chosen it. When you buy ASP.NET Zero, you will have all metronic theme layouts and components. You can use all of them in your applications easily. ASP.NET uses Material Design Admin 4 layout. If you want to change it to another admin layout, then you should replace related CSS files and make some changes in UI views. It will not be hard but take some time." And it includes Metronic Extended license for SaaS projects (as long as used with ANZ)
    - sample code on client side to see how best to integrate Angular
    - front pages for landing/public facing web site already set up - just add your content
    - login page with change password on new account for Host already setup
    - initial Dashboard page from metronic already setup - modify to your use
    - left sidebar of main Navigation that is easy to mod, with an Administration section that gives your six prebuilt sections:
      1. Organization units management - including Organization Tree and Members management
      2. Roles management - CRUD for Roles and filter by permissions
      3. Users management - CRUD and filter
      4. Languages management - CRUD plus edit of language specific texts from the web, plus multiple filtering options
      5. Audit logs - grid view, detail views, date and username filtering, export to excel, advanced filtering by Service, Action, Browser, Error state
      6. Settings - General, User management, and Security sections. General includes Timezone. User management section allows you to control if Users can self-register, if they are active by default, should use captcha or not, and email confirmation required for login. Security section allows for User Lockout and for changing password complexity settings.
    - you also get a nice basic layout for the admin app with header, sidebar navigation, language switcher, notifications view, and user profile pages.
    - plus each user can see friends front-end functionality, change profile picture, view login attempts, change password, view/manage linked accounts, and individual users have their own settings page.
    - for Host specifically, you get tenants management front end pages to view tenants in grid, filter and sort, login as tenant, CRUD of tenants, add Features to tenants. Plus CRUD front end pages to manage editions and features. Plus an Admin section on front end to view and clear Cache items and Website Logs (and can Download Website logs). Plus Host gets even more Settings sections including Email, Tenant Mgmt settings.


So, in summary, my understanding is the ANZ adds on front end pages / extensive client side build out for all of above areas. The back end for this stuff exists in ABP and Module Zero, but if you want the front end for all of it you need ANZ. Plus you get a years worth of premium forum support - which might be worth the price all by itself. Plus a road map of even more features coming.
By ismcagdas
#10673 Hi,

You have create a great and detailed explanation, thank you for that :).
There is one wrong point,
The back end for this stuff exists in ABP and Module Zero
Actually even our free templates does not have back end for user management, role management or any other thing exists in AspNet Zero.

In brief, ABP is a framework (Module Zero is a part of it), AspNet Zero is a base application built on it.
If you have ABP & Module Zero, you need to do everthing AspNet Zero provides manually by yourself and it will cost you a few months.