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By Hussein
#18462 Hi,

Right now i want to develop an application that support multi time zones, when i read documentation for timing here ... Converters

i didn't find a way to set user time zone

so, let's say i set the provider to be UTC then all dates will be saved as UTC in the database, then i want to set the user time zone and get all dates from database according to user time zone

how can i do that ?

By ismcagdas
#18674 Hi @Hussein,

In AspNet Zero, we handle dates from database in UTC when using UtcClock provider and in client side we handle convertion from utc to user's timezone using moment-timezone library.
In moment-timezone, you need to use IANA timezoneId for current user. ABP returns this to client under "abp.timing" javascript object.

When changing user's timezone, you need to set setting named "Abp.Timing.TimeZone" for current user.

I hope this helps.