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By waku
#1095 Some question about sample-blog-module

Hi, this is my first post, I’m Chinese, so forgive my English.
Firstly, thank hikalkan for providing ABP framework, it’s awesome!

Recently I found sample-blog-module, I’m always interesting in module system of ABP, so I started to study it. However I encounter some questions:

1. In the source of Abp.Samples.Blog, there are Application, Core, EntityFramework and Web projects. Are they must be created manually? Can I use to generate them? Otherwise I have to manually install all the dependency packages, it’s somehow a tedious work
2. In the MyAbpZeroProject.Core project, there are already User, Role, etc. classes defined. However in the Auth folder of Abp.Samples.Blog.Core project, BlogUser, BlogRole exist. These classes are almost the same, what is the function of these classes? They seem to be duplicate.
3. About “Run migrations”. If I change entities of Abp.Sample.Blog, should I run migrate.exe command again? Is there some way to simple this work?
4. I noticed these is a blog folder in App\Main\views of MyAbpZeroProject.Web project. If I delete the folder, then the blog module of the app can’t work. In my opinion, the blog views are supposed to be existed only in Abp.Sample.Blog project, so how can I completely make it modular?

Thank you.