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By saYRam
#19103 Hi guys. I'm trying to implement some functionality to my Abp Mvc 5.x MPA pplication like password reset email confirmation.

i was using these lines of code before reading that

Code: Select all//var provider = new DpapiDataProtectionProvider("VapeKit");

//_userManager.UserTokenProvider = new DataProtectorTokenProvider<User, long>(provider.Create("ASP.NET Identity")) //{
    //TokenLifespan = TimeSpan.FromHours(3)

after reading solution installed Abp.Zero.Owin. to my Web Project. Added DependsOn(typeof(AbpZeroOwinModule)) to web module.

finally i add app.RegisterDataProtectionProvider(); to Owin Startup class.

So far so good everything seems works now but i want to set TokenLifespan = TimeSpan.FromHours(3). How to setup this one?

Thank you very much.