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By Sajid
#19194 Hello there,

I want to extend existing UserStore class in my application to add one more field say SiteId. I was just looking into the ABP documentation to proceed further but I did not get clue. I found one Forum which was quiet similar to my requirement but the link mentioned in that article is not working. Following is the title and link of that Forum -


It has above link saying -
Have you seen this topic viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2872&p=6892&hilit=Location#p6892 ?

But when I click on this link, it simply redirects me to the Forum dashboard.

Can someone please guide me to the right path? Any documentation available to extend the UserStore ?
By Sajid
#19381 Thanks for the updated link.

Still I have few doubts in my mind. In our application, we are having some predefined roles per predefined sites to an user. Currently, in Abp we have UserRoles only. We were thinking to extend this class with SiteId. So just wanted to know how we can extend or can we extend the UserRole class for siteId ? Will it be a good approach?
By Sajid
#19754 Hello ismcagdas,

In our case we have Site(location) specific Roles. Means, one site can have multiple Roles for a specific user.

Later on we will be having permissions as well in this context. One user can have multiple and may be same role for two different sites with different permissions. But for now, you can just take the first case which I explained above.