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By zokho
#20200 I have got a class extending DomainService abstract class as below:
Code: Select allpublic class ScheduleManager : DomainService, IScheduleManager

The following line does not work:
Code: Select allthrow new UserFriendlyException(L("ScheduleIsNotValid"));

because of:
Abp.AbpException: Must set LocalizationSourceName before, in order to get LocalizationSource

Just wonder where the proper place if for setting the LocalizationSourceName, like it was set in MyCarParkControllerBase, but in Core (Domain) layer?

By the way the there are 2 usages of localization in the UserRegistrationManager class as:
Code: Select allLine 96 >>> throw new UserFriendlyException(L("UnknownTenantId{0}", tenantId));
Line  101 >>> throw new UserFriendlyException(L("TenantIdIsNotActive{0}", tenantId));

That are failing due to the same issue!