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By PatrickGlaudemans
#5425 Hi There!

As mentioned in the header I have a custom entity which is some sort of group to which I want to be able to add abpusers.
In public class User : AbpUser<Tenant, User> (part of zero in core lib) I added:
public List<ContentGroup> ContentGroups { get; set; }
and in the custom entity:
public List<User> Users { get; set; }

Entity framework created link tables and so far so good. But - no records are inserted after a contentGroup.Users.Add(existingUser) check this piece of code:
var user = await UserManager.GetUserByIdAsync(System.Convert.ToInt64(selection));
if (contentGroup != null)
await _contentGroupRepository.UpdateAsync(contentGroup);


In the same entity I have another property Reports that is setup exact the same way: it has Reports and Report has ContentGroups (many to many). It works with the report entity..

I think it has something to do with the entity user which is not attached to the build in repository. Can you help me out?