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By Vish
#15842 Hi,

Can we add tenancy name to the browser URL after authentication?

When user enters credentials(email address and password) on login page(app.{domain_name}.com) and after authentication the browser URL should changed to {tenancy_name}.app{domain_name}.com/app/dashboard .

We didn't use tenancy name field on login page neither we use tenancy name in sub-domain URL(login page).

We have got tenancy name using credentials(email address and password) and using this tenancy name we call GetLoginResultAsync() method.
Code: Select all var loginResult = await GetLoginResultAsync(loginModel.UsernameOrEmailAddress, loginModel.Password, TenantDetails.TenancyName);

After successful authentication, user must redirect to {tenancy_name}.app{domain_name}.com/app/dashboard .