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By bilalhaidar
#21975 Hello,
I added a migration, then requested to update the database.
Tables were created successfully, but the seed data was not executed.

Then I noticed that the tables were created but missing my columns (i.e. properties).

In my case I have around 10 classes that share the same structure. Each class represents an entity that is used as reference data.

So I created a base class having those 2 properties and made those classes inheirt from that class. Something as this:

Code: Select all [Serializable]
    public class HostEntityBase<TPrimaryKey> : FullAuditedEntity<TPrimaryKey>
        public string Label { get; private set; }

        public virtual string Notes { get; private set; }

        public void UpdateLabel(string newLabel)
            //Validate newLabel
            Check.NotNull(newLabel, nameof(newLabel));

            Label = newLabel;

        public virtual void UpdateNotes(string newNotes)
            Notes = newNotes;

        public HostEntityBase()

        public HostEntityBase(string label, string notes)

Then each class inherits from this base and calls its constructor.

In the previous version (MVC 5/Angular js) it was working fine. But now with EF Core seems not to work. No columns were added on the tables?

Also, when I ran the app, the Seed ran. Where is that configured to do so? Usually, with update-database the Seed would run.

By ismcagdas
#22073 Hi @bilalhaidar,

EF Core does not have seed functon yet.
I don't know if 2.0 has it or not because it is just released and I couldn't follow it. So, we moved seed method to application startup.

I don't have any clue why your migration didn't work.
Have you checked EF Core's github repository for that ?