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By SperseDev
#24312 Hello.

I am using ASP.NET Zero (ASP net core & angular, full .net framework targeting, azure separate back and front end hosting).

I need to implement OAuth Authorization code flow for zapier -
While I was doing some investigation I found that ASP.Net Zero framework has already implemented Resource owner password flow.

As I understood I need to implement following components(to implement OAuth Authorization code flow for zapier) :

- i need to implement UI in Web.Host project for user interaction with account login, consent and grants management and it will redirect after user press allow.
- implement controller in Core.Web project which handls user interaction + generating code and storing that code for next call to identity server for exaching that code to access token.

What can you recommend for easiest OAuth Authorization code with user credentials implementation?
Maybe you can provide some example or tell what components are already implemented?
By joe704la
#27073 @SperseDev did you ever figure out a good solution for this?

I also want to do something similar between our ASP.NET Zero (.net core and Angular version) to be the identity server and then we have an existing ASP.NET MVC project that I would like to authenticate to the Zero Identity server to create a SSO between the two.

@ismcagdas have you guys done anything like this before? The Web.Public project isn't using Identity Server I noticed and is using kind of a home grown SSO option from what I can see. But I would like to use Identityserver Hybrid Flow between our legacy MVC project and our ASP.NET Zero Project.