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By StealthDev
#31535 I am trying to implement Api Versioning in my Host project, and I need to version the dynamic controller created by the Services.

I found that someone had successfully done this here:

He left a step by step direction, however, the last step of what he did is not too clear and I don't understand how he was able to register his RegionAppService to DI. I have it pretty much working except that last piece. Does anyone know how to register to DI form those instructions?

Also, has anyone come up with a better solution of how we can version both the regular controller and the dynamic controllers?
By ismcagdas
#31577 Hi,

I think it is the line;

Code: Select allIocManager.IocContainer.Register(Classes.FromAssemblyNamed(typeof(HbOnlineApiV1Module).Assembly.FullName).BasedOn<IApiV1Service>().LifestylePerThread().WithServiceSelf());