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By mdframe
#31553 I want to verify I am thinking Organization Unit is what I think it should support. If I have a tenant with multiple warehouses then the Organization Unit could be used to support each warehouse under the tenant as a separate controllable facility for users and products.

An example of what I am trying to accomplish. Tenant ID 1 has an East coast warehouse A and a West coast warehouse B. Users defined for Tenant 1 will have permissions to work in both warehouses. If I define specific users in each warehouse they can only work within that warehouse or Organization Unit. The product master would be available to each warehouse however actual stock only exists in Organization Unit, warehouse, A and Organization Unit, warehouse B.

Would someone verify I am thinking of Organization Unit correctly in this instance? If this is incorrect please elaborate on how I should support this type of business case with ASP.Net Boilerplate.

Thank you for your help.

By mdframe
#31558 Thank you for the quick response and details of the situation. If I do not need the separation of users and roles would the Organization Unit still be a good fit for multiple warehouses under a tenant? I am trying to identify the best supporting method from the framework to support separation of data and transactions.

We are very small IT organization and using as much of the ASP.NET Zero framework to support our customers is very beneficial.

Thank you,

By ryancyq
#31559 If your use case require data separation and transaction similar to MultiTenancy (e.g. setting tenant id using session variable, auto filter data retrieval with OrganizationUnit filter), you may implement similar to how MultiTenancy works. However, it requires quite a lot of work to do so.