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By xmarwin
#31619 Hello.
I am trying to create custom session using this article (and several others) but it seems to be already obsolete.
I need to create custom session with one (for the sake of simplicity) enum called AdelRoles that is changed on users login action. I have added following code:

Session Class:
Code: Select allpublic class AdelSession : ClaimsAbpSession, ITransientDependency
    public AdelSession(
        IPrincipalAccessor principalAccessor,
        IMultiTenancyConfig multiTenancy,
        ITenantResolver tenantResolver,
        IAmbientScopeProvider<SessionOverride> sessionOverrideScopeProvider) :
        base(principalAccessor, multiTenancy, tenantResolver, sessionOverrideScopeProvider)

    public AdelRoles AdelRoles
            var adelRoles = PrincipalAccessor.Principal?.Claims.FirstOrDefault(c => c.Type == "AdelRoles");
            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(adelRoles?.Value))
                return AdelRoles.None;

            return (AdelRoles)int.Parse(adelRoles.Value);

- added following method:
Code: Select allprivate void UpdateAuthorizationGroup(User user, ClaimsIdentity identity)
    var adelRoles = AdelRoles.Supporter;           
    identity.AddClaims(new List<Claim>() { new Claim("AdelRoles", ((int)adelRoles).ToString()) });

that is called at the end of Task<AuthenticateResultModel> Authenticate([FromBody] AuthenticateModel model) method:
Code: Select all.....
UpdateAuthorizationGroup(loginResult.User, loginResult.Identity);
var accessToken = CreateAccessToken(CreateJwtClaims(loginResult.Identity));

return new AuthenticateResultModel
    AccessToken = accessToken,
    EncryptedAccessToken = GetEncrpyedAccessToken(accessToken),
    ExpireInSeconds = (int)_configuration.Expiration.TotalSeconds,
    TwoFactorRememberClientToken = twoFactorRememberClientToken,
    UserId = loginResult.User.Id,
    ReturnUrl = returnUrl

Then later I read from my AdelSession.AdelRoles but unfortunately I always get AdelRoles.None as AdelRoles is not among the claims.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any hint.
Best regards, Martin.
By maliming
#31623 I did not find this problem according to your code. After logging in, _principalAccessor can get AdelRoles information.

You can set a breakpoint to see if loginResult.Identity contains the Claim information you added.
Similarly, you can decrypt the access_token to see if there is AdelRoles information.

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By xmarwin
#31624 Hi maliming.
Thanks for the quick reply.
I am not sure what happened but things that didn't work yesterday work today... I restarted my notebook, maybe that may have solved the issue?
It's a bit embarrassing as I spend entire day yesterday trying to make this work.
Anyway, consider it fixed.

Best regards, Martin.