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By sbenfares
#31977 Hi there,

I'm new to ANZ, i've created my first project with MultyTenancy disabled because i don't need it.

If i understand correctly, with MultiTenancy off i still have a default tenant am i right ?

Is it possible to login as host with MultiTenancy off ?
If there is a default tenant can i manage it with an host account ?

I tried to log with host user with MT off (using tenancyName empty on login as explained here : but i always have a InvalidUserNameOrEmailAddress error.

Thanks for your help.
By maliming
#31980 1. If you disable multi-tenancy, there will still be a tenant by default.
2. You can log in to the Host user but this doesn't make sense (because your app "has no tenant concept")
3. Because the multi-tenancy is disabled, the default tenant is 1, so the default cannot log in to the Host user (refer to the second point).