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By PatrickGlaudemans
#6322 Hi,

while doing Upgrade to ABP (zero) 0.9.* (multi database tenant support) I ran into the problem that TUser is not recognized. Check below. I already sent Halil a message since this is a breaking issue for us.

I did read the blog: ... -released/

enant, Role and User Entities
Tenant, Role and User entities are derived from AbpTenant, AbpRole and AbpUser. These base classes are generic classes and their generic parameters are changed:

AbpUser<TTenant, TUser> become AbpUser<TUser>
AbpRole<TTenant, TUser> become AbpRole<TUser>
AbpTenant<TTenant, TUser> become AbpTenant<TUser>
As you see, we removed TTenant parameters since in database per tenant architecture, we can not define navigation properties from tenant users to tenant entity, they may be in different databases.