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By pkouame
#9257 Hi -

While going through the aspnetzero "developing an application step by step" phonebook example, it's become quickly obvious that a deeper knowledge of the boilerplate and module zero is a plus. I would like to setup an environment where one can freely browse the source of all relevant modules from within Studio. How are you guys setup? Do you recommend importing the entire boiler and zero projects within our local template solution? There are pros and cons for a variety of different approaches here, so I'm just wondering how you guys are setup internally to develop and release templates and frameworks.

Also, what is the preferred way to present issues and file bugs. In github issues and/or here on the forum? Especially for paid up commercial developers like us.


1 - I found that the phonebook example references a dto helper "ListResultOuput" that has been deprecated (I think?) for ListResultDto. Where best to file and issue like that?

2- I don't get the pretty error 500 exception page like the example. Rather, mine is a normal trace. Code like that is obviously buried in boilerplate exception handling. Where best to file an issue like that?

Thanks in advance.
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By JoshYates
#9261 1 - Yes, "ListResultOutput" has removed: ... ssues/1402

What I have been doing is coming to this forum and using the search textbox. That's how I found the solution for "ListResultOutput".

2- Compare with Githubs source code. Do it manually. The tutorial is a little out of date, but it still is a good way of learning the platform with simple examples.
By ismcagdas
#9266 Hi,

@JoshYates, thanks for your help :).

About "pretty error 500 exception page", the exception should be handled by ABP. If you are not seeing that page, it's most probably value of customErrors in your web.config (if you are not using ASP.NET Core version of course.)
By pkouame
#9283 @JoshYates, thanks. That's pretty much how I proceed...searching github and the forums. Guess I'll just file some issues on github so responsible parties can update documentation when they have time...


1. On exception handling. I downloaded an aspnetzero core mvc template, so web.config should be irrelevant right?

2. Downloading "templated" projects as your documentation suggests give me a static source code snapshot with a difficult support path since, to the say the least, the original namespaces (MyCompany MyProject etc...) are different. What happens when v2.2 of aspnetzero template is released? This is an important LTS issue for potential client solutions I craft. Hence my desire to setup the "optimal" development environment going forward. Should I clone, pull down changes or new releases as necessary, change namespaces and merge?

Thanks P.
By ismcagdas
#9308 Hi,

The first problem about pretty error page is similar to this one I think viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4063&p=9307#p9307.

About upgrading your solution to new version of AspNet Zero, we accept that it's not an easy thing to do.
You can check this comment, it might give you an idea ... -186843738.

You can always ask help for the errors you get during the upgrading of your project.
We will be happy to help.
By pkouame
#9310 Thank you! This helps a lot.

I am not expecting this to be easy ;) I know it's a development framework and aspnetzero is a template not an SDK. Pointing me in the right direction is good enough.

I am also concerned about "onboarding" new developers to this architecture, so I want to be sure I blaze the trail on the proper setup and LTS issues, workflow and approach. Anything that can decrease the learning curve for any of our prospective new hires. We may even eventually want to contribute so any pointers on your own internal workflow is greatly appreciated. I collaborate on other large scale open source projects (mostly C++, java and iOS) and there are always policies and guidelines for contributing developers. Food for thought ...

By the way, you guys are doing some excellent work. So far, I have come to appreciate all of the out of the box features. Good job and keep it up! We are not a .net shop per se, but you are making the transition much smoother...

By ismcagdas
#9318 I know that some parts of documentation becomes out of date sometimes but we are trying to keep them up to date.

About "onboarding" new developers, the step by step documentations of AspNet Zero is the best place to start (PhoneBook sample app). After that you can suggest your developers to read ABP documentation when they have time, it will be very helpful

And we are always here to help :).