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By Vish
#18006 Hi,
I am using core with boilerplate framework. While implementing save functionality, I am getting "An error has occurred! Error detail not sent by server." error on production server. On debugging, I found that the control gets to .fail() function instead of going to .done() function. The record gets saved into the database and I am getting following message on pop-up : "An error has occurred! Error detail not sent by server."

Following is the jquery used:

Code: Select = function (modalManager) {
            _$Form = _modalManager.getModal().find('form[name=FormName]');
            var orderTemplateId = $("#orderTemplateId").val();
            var OrderTemplate = _$Form.serializeFormToObject();
   = orderTemplateId;
            var AssignedProductsIds = _findAssignedProductList();
                OrderTemplate: OrderTemplate,
                AssignedProductsIds: AssignedProductsIds,
            }).done(function (result) {
            }).fail(function (result) {
            }).always(function (result) {
                window.location.href = '/app/zone';

The functionality works perfectly on local server without any errors. So, I am not getting what is the actual issue?
By ismcagdas
#18061 Hi @ Vish,

Probably the ajax request is made wiht PUT keyword and I think your production server's IIS blocks PUT Requests by default.
We had some customers facing this problem before.

I suggest you to disable/uninstall WebDav module from IIS.
You can search in the forum or internet to learn how to do that.

By the way, you can write all of your questions to premium forum section.
In that way, you can get faster responses.