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By CyklusSoftware
#29625 I am using the ASP.NET Core + jQuery v5.4.1 project.

I have been using the included AppService Unit Tests to test my custom AppServices and helper classes. This is great for verifying that my logic is sound at a low level.

That said, I have found that it is helpful to test the entire application from top to bottom. I have found that some of the edits I make to generated Javascript files and/or MVC Controllers break the application while my AppServices run just fine (failures are due to incorrect Dto mappings, etc). I have been doing this "top to bottom" UI testing manually so far.

I have been doing some reading, and it is easy enough to run the ASP.NET Core project on my local machine and run a Test Project that has Selenium WebDriver tests implemented. This would automate my UI test process nicely. The only problem is that running the ASP.NET Core project from command line still instructs it to use the Default connection string, which is a SQL Server LocalDB instance. To automate tests I would need to delete the LocalDB, re-create the LocalDB, and then run the Migrator before testing again. This is long and annoying.

I was wondering if anyone here might have any ideas on how to do an "in-memory" temporary database (like the one implemented for the Unit Tests), but for Selenium UI tests. Any ideas (or alternative approaches) are appreciated.